The Green Wizard’s Guide

Welcome to the The Green Wizard’s Guide book page, out in January 2019.

Join the Green Wizard Academy…

Natural remedies and soil strategies for your yard.

The magical “Food Web” that you need to bring your soil back to life.

Which weeds will whisper what your soil is missing, then disappear forever. 

 Otherworldly secrets for larger vegetables that explode with nutrients and flavor.

Unimaginably, how to go a whole year without spending a dime on your lawn or garden.

Potions to keep bugs away from your yard, not to mention Werewolves.

No toxic chemicals allowed.

We will be discussing gardening for beginners, soil, gardening methods passed down through generations and how to get back to basics for the best yard on the block that will make your neighbors jealous. 

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Pull up a chair and sit down on the front porch with The Green Wizard as he Guides us through ways to grow grass and vegetables instead of weeds.

Wizards aren’t born, they’re trained, and in the Green Wizard’s Guide, Author Ron Neitzel shares with us some of his most effective spells, potions and tips that can turn anyone’s lawn and garden into the envy of the neighborhood.

If your yard looks like you’ve been planting weeds instead of grass, this is definitely the Guide for you.

With Secret potion’s and experience, The Green Wizard will teach you formulas that will give wizards in training such as yourself that extra edge over traditional gardening methods.

Weeds Whisper to Wizards, and with the Green Wizard’s spell’s you will learn how to listen to what the weeds are actually saying to you. Learn how Master Gardener’s achieve their award winning yards by replacing what is missing from the food web in the nutrient depleted soil.

Cast Spells, pull Potions out of thin air, and sprinkle Wizard magic all around and watch your lawn and garden explode with new life!

What would you do if you were transformed from an average guy to Wizard of all that grows green like Ron was? You’d write a book and help others graduate from the Green Wizard Academy.

Get your copy of The Green Wizard’s Guide today and get the lawn and garden that you’ve always wanted.

R. Williams

Editor in Chief ~ WeDetect News

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